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 Tours are open for the season. We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

school groups and non-profit TOUR

Learn about the plants and aquatic animals that live on the farm and how they coexist in a symbiotic relationship. Our guided tour will introduce participants to the general concept of aquaponics and the biological components that make up our farm. Participants will also get an up close look at the various hardware that supports the wellbeing of our plants and animals.


Fee: $10 (Adult Chaperones are free for elementary to high school age groups)

Duration: 60 minutes

Organizations bringing minors must provide adequate supervision and a permission slip/waiver signed by the parent or legal guardian of each minor participant. Adequate supervision is generally defined as one adult per 10 children, but may differ based on the needs of the group and the discretion of the farm manager. The adult supervisor(s) for each group of students is required to be involved with his/her assigned group of youth at all times. 


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