Oko Farms


Oko Farms is an aquaponics education, production, and design company in Brooklyn, New York. 

We utilize a hybrid of aquaculture and hydroponics known as aquaponics to raise freshwater fish along with a variety of vegetables and herbs. On our farm, waste water from the fish tank is pumped through several hydroponic grow beds to provide nutrient rich fertilizer for our plants. In return, the plants filter all of the toxic waste from the water while it cycles through the system. This constant cycling of nutrients via fish waste creates an extremely efficient recycling system that uses less water than traditional agriculture and eliminates waste-water runoff typical in aquaculture. 

By implementing aquaponics in New York City, we shrink our carbon footprint for fish consumption, reduce the ecosystem pollution and health concerns associated with commercial-scale aquaculture, and produce a high-yield of organically grown vegetables in dense urban spaces.