Oko Farms


The Moore Street Farm - the largest outdoor aquaponics  farm in New York City.

 Moore St. Farm-aquaponics research and education center

The Moore Street Farm is a research and aquaponics training center located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is New York City's largest and only outdoor aquaponics farm and was designed to be accessible to the public.

The Moore Street Farm started as a collaboration between Oko Farms, GreenThumb and the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC).

The 2,500 square foot aquaponics system houses a variety of freshwater animals, including catfish, tilapia, crawfish,  freshwater prawns, gold fish, koi, and bluegill. The plants cultivated include rice, lemongrass, mint, okra, peppers, spinach, beans, garlic, chamomile, tomatoes, eggplant, and many more. Our system also features a number of aquaponic farming methods, including deep water culture, ebb and flow, and nutrient film technique.