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Intro to Aquaponics at AgTech X

Join us this summer for a special collaboration with AgTech X! We are excited to offer our  Intro to Aquaponics class with a special, personalized mini-biosphere build. Learn how to grow vegetables and freshwater fish in a recirculating eco-system at this beautiful indoor space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This workshop will be led by our farm manager who has a near decade experience as both a farmer and educator. 

In this 2 hour course participants will learn:

  • history of fish cultivation 
  • basic science of aquaponics
  • plant propagation in a soil-less medium
  • fish selection and management
  • design options with a focus on simplicity, economic viability, and environmental sustainability
  • aquaponics best practices

Participants will also build a mini aquatic biosphere that they can take home with them. 

This workshop is ideal for gardeners, teachers, home enthusiasts, architects, developers, and the curious interested in learning alternative farming methods and reducing their environmental footprint. Participants will leave this unique class with the knowledge required to start and maintain their own aquaponics gardens.